The Best Acoustic Guitars For Every Budget

Finding the best acoustic guitar is like asking to find your soulmate. It needs to resonate with one’s personality. Doesn't matter if it's a $50 beater from a thrift store or a custom $5,000 shop buy.

Since there are so many options available in the shops, you are bound to struggle to find the best option. Keeping that in mind, the following guide has been developed to help those needing to explore all the options available in the market. Whether you’re an aspiring virtuoso or just someone who would like to spend extra time strumming a few chords, you will find the following list very helpful.

The best acoustic guitars are relatively simple instruments. Yet, there is something mystical about them. Especially since there have been numerous electric counterparts trying to take over the future.

One cannot deny the simplicity with vibrating strings, making it impossible for any other man-made instrument to copy. No modern art form can compete with that rustic and melodious sound. One can always argue that the acoustic cannot compete with its electric counterpart due to various stones in the latter. However, Its use in the various genre of music, from folk, country to blues, makes it one of the most appealing sounds to date

When choosing an acoustic guitar, the most important factor to consider is the quality of the instrument. Since it does not run on the chain of effects or is electrically powered, which can help to transform the tone. If the acoustic guitar is of low quality, it’s impossible to play at par with the better counterparts.

That said, it should also be noted that the materials used in the acoustic guitar, along with the craftsmanship, can make the prices of this guitar rocket through the roof, with that said - there are a lot of reasonably priced instruments available in the market as well.

The skill of a person does not matter as much as the resonance with an instrument. Therefore,  the choice of an acoustic guitar depends primarily on the feel-good vibe that one gets while playing a specific instrument.

Martin D-28 ($2,899)


Martin D was possibly introduced in the early 1930s; the roots may go back to 19 hundreds and have been played by legendary musicians from Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Neil Young, Johnny Mitchell, and even Johnny Cash. The guitar itself is known for its dreadnought style, having a body size that is often considered unwieldy. This is because of its larger size when compared to other guitars of the era. Nonetheless, it is considered to be an icon in the music industry and has become a common standard.  

Due to its apparent larger size, the guitar gives a fuller sound and a bass presence that is also stronger than other acoustics. This further substantiates the fact that this guitar can be played equally beautifully in the solo setting. It gives an attractive ensemble and is undoubtedly a very powerful instrument. The latest model has brought around some very minor changes in their old classic, including a few features in the neck profile, making a thinner, sometimes flatter, for a more comfortable strumming.

Martin D-10E ($849)


If you’re looking for an affordable version of Martin D 28, Martin D10 E seems to be the closest option. It is a great alternative and is also available at less than half the price of D 28. It is made up of solid wood and offers the same spruce top and additional modern touch of Fishman pick up. This allows for a street pick up into a P.E and to play in a full band. It also becomes a convenient instrument when an amplified sound isn’t loud enough for the crowd.

Gibson Hummingbird Original ($3,849)


This particular guitar, known for its flat body, was introduced by Gibson, and it was one of its kind in 1960. Initially, it was introduced as a competitor to the mountains, but when one looks at it closely, there is an undeniable uniqueness to this instrument. It has its Trademart big God illustration and a beautiful burst finish along with parallelogram thread markers. This makes hummingbird one of the most eye-catching acoustic guitars known.

It is a sound that is warm, sweet, and smooth, almost like honey. Somehow it speaks more closely to the country singers, and we see many of the players wielding this, including Taylor Swift, Jason Isabel, Cheryl Crow, and Eric Church. However, there are many guitarists and other genres we have also used this instrument and have been having nothing but accolades for it.

Taylor 110e ($799)


This guitar came into the limelight after Martin and Gibson, but as soon as it was introduced in the market, it became a high standard and a high-quality instrument. It is a dreadnought stay guitar with a soft pick-up and is available for less than $1000. More than often, we see Taylor and Martin put it against each other even though they might have been different in terms of the retail value.

However, we can say that Taylors have a more upbeat don’t do it with the sparkling travel range, and Martin’s, on the other hand, are more smooth fuller and have a warm change to them. Hence we can say that this instrument plays dynamically between the sounds of 110 END 10. It is very hard to see which guitar is better since It entirely depends on the preference of an individual.

Taylor 214ce ($999)


Needless to say, the dreadnought is not the most common acoustic guitar shape, however, the sound is spectacular. The grand auditorium acoustic guitar style was pioneered by Taylor in the 1990s, and many of the popular models of this guitar stick to its original shape, which is like a large dreadnought but quite slim around the middle.

There is often a cutaway feature on one side of the neck, because of which it becomes easier to access the higher Frets so that the top of the guitar’s register can be played more comfortably. This guitar is known for its versatility.

Taylor American Dream AD17 Blacktop ($1,499)


During the COVID-19, while many of us were quarantined at home, Taylor developed an American dream series that was more affordable and built off its highly ornate counterparts. So if an individual was not merely interested in models due to their infusion with rear words and vivid visual details, these models with a rugged functionality became more popular.

The understated style was attractive in its own way, Which kept the minimalistic team with a matte black finish on the soundboard and a  bracing system that helped and increased the volume along with sustaining.

Washburn Comfort G55CE Koa ($899)


It is important to know that most of the time, the sound of the guitar comes down to the kind of word that is used in making that guitar. A traditional word called the Hawaiian Kholah had been used for the ukulele construction but has now become more popular as an option for the guitars.

It has a relatively high cost and often appears in very special limited edition acoustic instruments; however, the wash burn G5 5CE gives it any availability for the masses while being well under $1000. The wood itself is very stunning, but there are certain donor properties unique to this particular thing. When the guitars are newly purchased, they are very bright, but over time there is a shifting kind of the life-cycle in the instrument, which most of the words do not have.

Additionally, the Washburn also has a unique body with a contoured top that is designed to ensure a comfortable position for the arm. It might not be a cup of tea for everyone out there, but at the given price that it is available in the market, there is no other option like this one.

Epiphone DR-100 ($149)


In the world of guitars, where a $1400 guitar becomes a credible market, for a beginner, pricing may become intimidating. Luckily there are many solid instruments available in the market. A fraction of the amount goes to the bath. One of them is the Epiphone DR-100, which is around $149, which can easily be don’t the best instrument available for those seeking a guitar at the lower end of the cost spectrum. It has been built with quality wood and a smooth neck shape, hence ideal for beginners.

Epiphone Hummingbird Studio ($369)


Better quality and higher-priced version of Epiphone is a promising recreation of Gibson, priced at a steady $369, even though it does not share the same specs evidently. Nonetheless, it has the capability of a classic hummingbird tone  and looks the part two.

Ibanez AW54CE ($329)

Ibanez-AW54CE -Guitar-Straps-Durable-Bass-Strap-For-Professional-2

Generally, Ibanez is known for its electric guitar rather than acoustics. However, the dedication it has for high-performance extends to acoustics. And since it is a pioneer in acoustic instruments, priced at much less than its high-quality counterparts, it is a solid investment.

The construction is equally attractive and gives off a resident sound, along with offering an option for amplification. The neck is built for speed like other Ibanez electrics.

Art & Lutherie Roadhouse ($549)


This option is best for those individuals who are looking for a recording king pre-war pilot guitar and have some money to spend. It is a relatively new instrument in the market, with each of its sets being handmade in Canada. This might make you believe that it is a high-priced instrument, yet its quality exceeds way more than the cost.

The visuals are old school, and there is a rustic appeal to them, but it's tonality is clear and articulate, which is more suited to blues. Additionally, all the guitars are made from fallen trees, which makes up for peace of mind that the guitars you are playing have a positive environmental impact.

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