Melo: How it started..

Melo Company is an established business nestled in the charming community of New Windsor, New York. Founded in 1985 by Jim Melville, Melo has established itself and its reputation over the past three decades through authentic U.S.A. manufacturing. Its products are all made in U.S.A. and shipped throughout the United States and to several foreign countries. Melo’s history lies in producing fashion bags for the Japanese consumer market, heavy-duty military backpacks and a line of life-saving tourniquets for military and first responders. Each item is produced in Melo’s Upstate New York factory and is designed and manufactured in house and made with only Berry Compliant materials made in the U.S.A.
At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Melo designed and patented a face shield that was sold to local hospitals and schools and online. For much of the spring and summer of 2020, Melo shifted their manufacturing capabilities to the essential production of these face shields as well as making gowns and masks for hospitals.  
Now, Melo has applied its design knowledge and manufacturing skills in creating a totally unique and one of a kind guitar strap. The idea originally came from Melville utilizing the material to create a more comfortable shoulder strap for his messenger bags, a key item in his work day. Always containing his laptop, devices, and other important necessities, the bag needed a strap that would hold up under heavy daily use. Coming across polyethylene terephthalate braided sleeving--now named Reptile by Melo--he quickly discovered that the unique material had incredible strength and was able to mold itself into the shoulders, all while having a smooth durable and aesthetic finish.
Melville soon began brainstorming ways that others could utilize Reptile, hence what it has become today. With musicians facing a similar challenge of finding a strap that’s strong, comfortable and totally unique in look and performance, Melville had the idea to make guitar straps. The idea turned into countless prototypes which has now turned into a finished product. The strap that has already become wildly popular on our website.
Through the imagination of Melville and the skills of his company, Melo has produced an unparalleled product that will surely serve as a groundbreaking accessory in the music industry. Hold on,…we have designs in the works for camera straps, rifle straps, straps for mobile electronic devices and even weed wackers.

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